Please enter your name, e-mail and contact information.  We will be using this information as way to contact you with news regarding the reunion.  

You do not need every single family member to register, but at least the person in your immediate family/household that will be responsible to pass information along to spouse, children, etc.
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Alicia Cochran (Enriquez)
Tyler TX Married 3
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Bill Trzos
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San Diego CA Married 4
David Trzos
San Diego CA VP at Atlas General Insurance Single
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David P Bland
Sacramento CA Regional Moderator USA Single
I am the Regional Moderator for the Men's Institute of the Heart of Jesus. The Region I moderate, for the present time, is this whole country. The location of the Institute is the Verner house which I've named the St. Joseph House of Prayer. No one lives there. It is the meeting place for the men in Sacramento diocese. It will be used to accommodate out of town members and visiting priests from the Institute of the Heart of Jesus.  
Dawn Lenski (Miller)
Mansfield Married 2
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Deborah Miller ( Cochran)
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Muenster TX wife/mother Married 9
Looking forward to seeing everyone!

God bless!
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Diana Bland
Muenster TX retired just this one Single 4
Thank you Daivd for setting this up for the family, this is terrific!

Love, Aunt Diana

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Grace Bezner
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Married 6
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Joe Trzos
Honey Brook PA Married 4
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John Bland
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Chicago IL Chicago Department of Aviation Single
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Kevin Miller
Boca Raton FL Married 2
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Linda Trzos
Honey Brook PA Married 4
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Loretta Bland (Finkelston)
Mt Laurel NJ Homemaker Married 1
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Marilyn Bland (Trzos)
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Profile picture
San Diego CA Retired Widowed 4
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Michael Miller Jr.
TX Married 2
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Natalie Miller
Arlington TX 1st Grade Teacher/ Assistant Principal Single 1
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Sarah Tucker
Southlake TX Married 2
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Thomas Bland
Sacramento CA Catholic Priest Single
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Tom Miller Sr.
Mansfield TX Married 2
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